Write What Matters.




"Rachel guided me through preparing a press release for a local project. In addition to very capably writing about the technical elements of the project itself, Rachel did an excellent job of walking me through the requirements of media relations for the project, including developing a timeline and a contact list. She was a great resource and I look forward to working with her again."

-Natalie Cook, E.I.T. Donahue & Associates, Inc.




"I hired Rachel twice as a long-term freelance digital marketing manager and she always delivers excellence. She manages numerous digital marketing campaigns for the team and her copy is snappy, accurate, to the point, and formatted for quick and easy scanning. She knows how to take full advantage of those 7 seconds needed to capture attention and drive conversions. She has a talent for rapidly learning about programs and quickly identifies value propositions for targeted audience segments.

Rachel is also sharp when it comes to digital strategy. She demonstrated this ability when she revamped several multi-channel campaigns, giving intelligent advice on strategic direction and bringing great ideas to the table, including incorporating more video storytelling, and enhanced visuals.

Her dedication, wit, and personality make her an excellent marketer and she has become a dynamic part of the team.

Rachel would be a valuable asset to any team that is lucky enough to have her join.”

- Gwen Biasi, CAE, Senior Director of Member Engagement, ASGE


Email: rachel.j.blakley@gmail.com
Phone: 630 390 8070
Address: chicago, IL

"Rachel is a real professional and a pleasure to work with. She puts the time in to do research on her clients in order to produce quality work. Rachel produced top quality press releases for my company’s new app and helped it get noticed on the proper digital platforms. Her ability to look at the big picture while focusing on the little details sets her apart. She is an excellent communicator and I would definitely work with her again." 

-Frank Jensen, CEO-Binary Labs, San Diego, CA