Write What Matters.


Setting Out on Your Own

I had this great intention to write a post the first day I created my website about my decision to leave my steady job in the retail world and start a new adventure.

Intentions are great.

...but here we are. Writing my first post two weeks later and feeling pretty ok about where I'm at today. Do I have moments where I freak out and wonder what the heck I'm doing? YES. Do I wonder if I can really do this, on a daily basis? YES. Do I feel like this was 100% completely the right decision? YES.

Change isn't easy. My decision to hurl myself into the unknown was a conscious one. I knew that if I didn't do it now, I maybe never would. Or it would at least be another year or two before I found another window where I felt moderately ready. Readiness is a funny thing. I feel like the only people who ever get to the point of feeling ready are professional athletes about to compete in the Olympics and hopefully surgeons. And let's face it, I'm sure they don't even feel ready when the make it or break it moment comes. But they step up to the plate anyway.

Showing up is a huge part of success. Whether you work a corporate job, are a stay-at-home rockstar parent or an entrepreneur, you need to show up for your company, your clients and yourself every day. Every. Damn. Day. Ask any business owner if a day goes by without them thinking about work and they will probably chuckle and say. "No." Chances are they work nights and weekends. They will probably even admit to checking email on a family vacation or taking an emergency business call on Christmas Eve because something crashed on their website. But that doesn't mean they don't LOVE what they do. They show up because they want to be there.

If you're reading this as a potential client, I hope you take this as a promise that I will show up for you every time. If you are a fellow adventure seeker, about to set out on your own as well, I wish you the best and I hope you reach out to connect. And if you are a member of my wonderful family, I want to thank you for giving me the love and support that provided me the courage to start this venture of mine. I can't wait to share my passion with the world.