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5 Things You Can Do Be Better to the Environment Right Now

Earth Day is right around the corner - a perfect time to think sustainable thoughts and take a moment to assess how you are contributing to the future of our planet. I think a lot of people would be more inclined to live sustainably if it was made more accessible and as a nation, we addressed the issue head on. Look at Sweden, for example, just crushing the sustainability game!

While these are big, overarching goals I want you to know there are things you can be doing every day - right now, even - to be better to mother Earth.

Find alternatives to plastic

Reducing single use plastic is a process and we are just starting to bring this issue to light as a country. One easy way to do this include asking for a mug instead of a to-go cup when you get your morning coffee. Plus, it’s nice to take a moment to drink your coffee and take a breath it you have the time – if not, ask your barista if they have straw-less options when you order.


If you’re like me you’ve had the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” in your head since kindergarten but how many times do you actually do these things? I enjoy a hot shower just as much as anyone else, trust me, so recycling is my big contribution, followed by a concerted effort to waste less overall. This goes for clothes, too! Don’t just toss the clothes that don’t spark joy anymore. Find a charity whose mission you can get behind and donate your old clothes to help another who needs them.

BYO – anything!

My husband and I have started bringing our own containers, reusable straws, you name it, when we know we’re going out. It takes a few minutes of preparation, but we feel great about it once we get back home from a grocery haul. Stores that have bulk sections are excellent for using less waste. We go to our local co-op and they weigh our containers before we dive in. Other stores will do this too – you just have to ask them at the register before you fill up!

Educate others (without making them feel guilty)

My mom ordered a milkshake for us to share the other day and I brought one straw instead of two over to the table. I said, “I’ll drink out of the side, I didn’t bring my straw!” Which she lovingly followed with, “I don’t have to use one – I’ll cut it up into tiny pieces when we get back!”

I never expect others to adopt my environmentally-conscious ways – and trust me, I’m not perfect! By letting other people know I’m trying to make environmentally conscious choices, it starts a conversation. It’s just a matter of awareness that plants the thought and keeps it growing.

Bring it on home

There have been quite a few times recently that I’ve brought my food scraps back home because I didn’t see a good place to dispose of them at the location I was working. It takes 5 seconds to pack them back up in your glass container and, in my case, take it home to be composted. Anticipate that public places won’t have the disposal methods you may need and bring an extra bag or container to bring it home if it’s convenient.

What are some of the ways you are saving the earth every day? Let me know in the comments below! If you are interested in hearing more, let me know what you’d like to hear here.